Competence Development Matrix©

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Tom Peters

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Why the Competence Development Matrix©

In Addition to strategic personnel planning strategic personnel development is essential for organizations that look to the future. Not only  workplaces filled in, but every workplace filled in with a capable employee.That is what de Competence Development Matrix© provides. The Competency Development Matrix© is the tool to form strategic workforce development and give it content. It is a tool for HR managers to facilitate human capital growth and for boards of directors and the management teams to immediately understand the value of human capital and the necessary value of human capital in the future. The Competency Development Matrix© is based on the principle ‘asses to develop” where majority of the development interventions  can be done on-the-job.

The method.

The competence Development Matrix © lays employee’s performance along the  organizations expectations. Simply put and it’s as simple as that. In the competency Development Matrix © you insert at what level of a competency an employee is expected to work and how important this competency is on the total function. After you asses the employee on that expectation. The gap between the expectation and functioning is the development need. The Competenite Development Matrix © helps you to meet that need. Because the competency database not only provides definitions and indicators but includes the development and the learning circumstance as well. You can facilitate the development itself with the Competence Development Matrix © of course are things like a skills matrix, reports and personal development plans in the competency Development Matrix © available.

Strategic planning and strategic development.

The Competenite Development Matrix © is an integral part of Ostara. In Ostara  strategic personnel planning and strategic personnel development brought together in one tool. This how the tool for planning and development in originated.